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Flaunting the most delicious fusion of English Afternoon Tea & the Danish art of Hygge, our bakes are made honestly, wrapped sustainably,

& delivered straight from our Østerbro kitchen to your front door.

#kageogslikudafhuset #frommixertomouth 

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Our Daily Kitchen 

Bouncing cupcake towers topped with chocolate chip cookies and gooey blondies, freshly set caramel shortbread perfectly proportionate, from Tuesday to Saturday 10/5 our kitchen counter-top brims with delicious bakes. Including the return this January of our Fastelavn Boller. Available to either pre-order as mini goodie tubs, or pick up when you walk in.


I samarbejde med DAO-food leverer vi vores kasser til hele Danmark (undtagen ikke brofaste øer).

Daddy´s Bakes ankommer til din hoveddør inden klokken 7, via DAO Food nat Express, levering fra torsdog og fredag.

Apple & walnut scone served with a red onion & apple compot Open scotch egg Cheese savoury

The Best of... 

2021 has been a tough year for us all but in amoungst the madness there have been real moments of love. Particularly for us here at Daddy’s Bakes, our very  first year in business we wanted to mark our thanks to all of you that have bought, supported and enjoyed our boxes by bringing back the best boxes of 2021 throughout January. The original Kagemund, Afternoon Tea & Råhygge if your planning a cheat day why not slot one of these bad boys in:)

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 A little Danglish family business that began with the arrival of two bouncing boys, at our heart Daddy's Bakes is about creating traditions together consciously. From the ingredients that we pick to the way that we pack; sustainabilty, traceability and the unfaltering ambition of zero waste always leads the way. After all, families are about the future and so it makes sense that we are too.

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“Fantastisk frisk og lækker kage. Jeg havde min tvivl når nu kagen skulle leveres, men hold da op det var lækkert og så flot! Vi skal helt sikkert prøve det igen"