Delicious artisan cake and candy

comfort boxes, sprinkled with a touch of savoury (occasionally), baked to order and delivered fresh & bouncy just in time for the morning chorus, via our night express. We deliver to front doors around KBH (+ a 40 min radius) every Tuesday to Saturday and Sjælland & the bridged islands every Friday, just in time for your weekend treats :)

Or if you're in town, available to pre-order and collect 24 hours in advance from our family kitchen in Østerbro, KBH.

Apple & walnut scone served with a red onion & apple compot Open scotch egg Cheese savoury
Apple & walnut scone served with a red onion & apple compot Open scotch egg Cheese savoury

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Delivered to Jylland / Fyn / Sjælland  

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Drømmekage Cupcakes with a salted caramel frosting | Lemon Meringue Pies | Snickers Pies with chocolate ganache, salted caramel & peanut butter mousse |  Handmade Koko chocolate bar | Cornflake Mousse Flapjacks with a cornflake crumb | 

Carrot Cakes with a cream cheese frosting  | Strawberry & vanilla cheesecakes

{ Fra 330 }



Cream cheese, salmon & chive finger sandwiches | Roast beef, horseradish & rocket finger sandwiches | Handmade sausage rolls | English Scones with lemon curd & butter | Chocolate towers with a chocolate mousse & a forrest berry mousse | Raspberry tart with whipped white chocolate ganache and fresh berries | Caramel shortbread | Caramel bomb truffles

{ AT for 2 + Fra 358 }


Vores bestillingssystem beder om, at I skal lave jeres egen konto. Enten vha. sociale medier eller en e-mail. Dette er blot for at gøre næste bestilling nemmere. Da jeres detaljer nu er gemt. Du kan også downloade app’en, hvis du har lyst. Dine oplysninger vil IKKE blive videregivet. 




 Carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting | Rhubarb crumble cupcakes with a rhubarb frosting | Drømmekage cupcakes with a salted caramel frosting |

Chocolate cupcakes with a raspberry cream diplomat 

{ Fra 358 kr }





Pulled pork sliders with Daddy’s Slaw | Spicy, sticky chicken wrap with zesty guacamole | 

Vanilla cheesecake  with a strawberry gel | Double chocolate Banoffee cupcake with banana frosting & dolce de leche | Handmade Kokosbar | Fresh fruit | Veggie sticks with a hummus dip 

{ Fra 295 kr }

“Fantastisk frisk og lækker kage. Jeg havde min tvivl når nu kagen skulle leveres, men hold da op det var lækkert og så flot! Vi skal helt sikkert prøve det igen"

Apple & walnut scone served with a red onion & apple compot Open scotch egg Cheese savoury

Baked to your order

Zero waste

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Size Guide

Each of our comfort boks come in two  sizes and can be devoured all at once or enjoyed over a few cosy nights. Choose from;

GUF; A fully loaded 'family feast' box that's general rule of thumb is to have each bake x3, there's enough to feed your team on a one night cake crusade or, if you'd like, a over a few nights of grazing.


ÆDE; The ultimate 'family +' feast box, Æde's general rule of thumb is to brim with each bake x4.Spend one night indulging with the whole gang (and forget about supper) or order in a box to attack throughout the week :-)